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        What's new in smart home in 2019?_SSHT2019

        Author:深圳市凌寶電子有限公司 Click: Time:2019-09-06 17:34:34

        According to Statista's forecast data, the annual composite growth rate of smart home market in China is about 45.3% between 2017 and 2022. The market size in 2022 is expected to reach 162.7 billion yuan, while the market penetration rate will rise to 21.2% by 2022.

        In the face of this upcoming blue ocean market, whether it is a traditional home power plant, an Internet manufacturer, hardware manufacturer, a startup, or even an old industrial manufacturer, they are all thinking about how to get a piece of the cake.

        From September 3 to 5, the Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition (SSHT) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Lei Feng Net was also invited to attend, and exchanged in-depth with major manufacturers. This article will analyze several new trends of smart home.

        Scenario refinement, market demand reversal scheme subdivision

        In this smart home exhibition, Lei Fengwang visited the booth of Hisense. As a white-power product manufacturer, Haixin's smart home product line has been perfected. On the basis of its own system, its smart system solution has been refined into four scenario applications, which are smart hotel, smart apartment, smart real estate and smart villa.

        "Because we are doing smart home, our smart home is not only a solution, but also some home appliances." According to the staff,

        Smart hotel is just launched by Hisense this year, with six or seven hotels. The system takes KNX room controller as the control center, provides integrated intelligent solutions for the hotel with supporting products, and drives the efficient management of the hotel with intelligence; the smart apartment is for the tenants, and the management uses the newly built houses. When the project is implemented, it will be sold directly to the C-end customer / manager, and at the same time, it will bring some automatic upgrading experience to the end user. Intelligent real estate is a complete building for real estate, and each room has standard equipment, but the specific situation is based on one of the local manufacturer's own needs, such as what functions are needed, and what products are provided to him, and what are the most important Finally, this scheme is formed; the intelligent villa mainly adopts wired system, and its functional system, including music, visual intercom, security interaction and other parts are wireless, but its form and functionality are not the same. The cable system is more abundant, more flexible, but its cost is higher. From the above, we can see that Hisense's smart hotel was just launched this year, and there is another company that has been discussing more in the past two days, that is, broadlink. On September 3, we formed a strategic alliance of smart Hotels with seven brand manufacturers including Xiaodu speaker, Mengguang information, Huanlv technology, zhisujia, sunshine lighting and Libai group to empower the traditional hotel industry.

        After learning the basic information of Hisense's booth, the reporter turned to the booth of Bo Lian. It is understood that the smart hotel of Bo Lian integrates the functions of four major sectors, namely PMS, self-service all-in-one machine, smart room and smart customer demand, while Bo Lian mainly performs the functiThe market still needs education, and offline experience stores are blooming everywhere

        As a domestic lightweight smart home solution provider thinkhome, Lei Feng understands that because the functions involved in the whole house intelligence are comprehensive and detailed, thinkhome mainly provides the control end based on its own situation, while the front-end solutions such as lighting and curtain solutions are not provided, just a control of these things.

        It is possible that this person likes this brand and that person likes that brand. If I do some terminal products, maybe my selectivity will be very small, but if I just do control and front-end things, I can let customers like them and let them choose by themselves.

        At present, China's smart home market channels are mainly through real estate developers and system integrators. The sales of to B accounts for 80%, while that of to C is only about 20%. Among them, a large part is due to the lack of cognition and personal experience of C-end consumers on smart home.

        Before that, LVMI Lianchuang, a smart home enterprise, set up "aqara LVMI smart home 4S experience store" to provide users with a series of services such as product installation and after-sales feedback. At present, LVMI Lianchuang has more than 300 such 4S experience stores all over the country. By the end of 2020, LVMI Lianchuang plans to lay 1000 stores, achieving 100% coverage of prefecture level cities and 90% coverage of county-level cities in China.

        Through the survey of exhibitors in this exhibition, it is found that quite a number of smart home manufacturers, especially the whole house smart manufacturers, are considering or have begun to layout offline experience stores.

        In terms of smart speakers, Lei Feng understands that tmall, Xiaoai, and rocky are more tried out, and Xiaodu is a rising star after all, with a short time to become famous, although the shipment rate of Q1 and Q2 in 2019 has reached, and its penetration in the smart home industry still needs efforts. As the small 

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