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        Wide application prospects of artificial intelligence technology in home appliances industry

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        Recently, the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference has come to a close.This Congress brings together experts, scholars and enterprises from the field of artificial intelligence and the Internet in the world, and conducts discussions around popular topics such as cutting-edge algorithms, AI chips, intelligent robots, AI+industry, unmanned driving and investment and financing. It focuses on the influence of artificial intelligence technology on various vertical industries, and promotes the integration and development of artificial intelligence industry and technological innovation.AI Technology Appliances Industry Sub-Forum was held at the same time of the conference. This is WAIC focusing on AI high-end appliances.

        In fact, the application of AI technology in the home appliances industry has landed and been enabled.On the one hand, the application of AI technology by mainstream domestic power plant vendors has covered the whole industry chain; on the other hand, AI smart home appliances pay more attention to scenario application.With the development of AI technology, the iteration design of smart hardware technology combined with home appliances and the Internet of Things environment brought by 5G, the development of home appliances intelligence will be accelerated.

        AI technology application covers household appliance industry chain

        The production scale of electric appliance industry ranks first in the world, and it is one of the industries with strong international competitiveness in China. At present, under the influence of macro-economy, enterprises generally feel great pressure of operation. According to the semi annual report of China electricity industry in 2019, in the first half of this year, the retail sales of domestic home appliance market reached 412.5 billion yuan, down 2.1% year on year.

        Facing the declining market data and the challenge from digitalization, it is very important for home appliance enterprises to seize the opportunity of intelligent transformation. Mainstream home appliance enterprises are trying to use AI and other intelligent technologies to enable traditional home appliance manufacturing, sales, R & D, supply chain, after-sales service and other links, so as to provide new momentum for the digital transformation of enterprises.

        In the manufacturing sector, the intelligent factories or production lines of Haier, Midea, Gree, Changhong, Hisense and other enterprises have become the comprehensive pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of industry and information technology. These projects apply AI technology to cover research and development, procurement, production and sales. For example, cosmoplat, Haier's industrial Internet platform, is an artificial intelligence led transformation, including building a mass customization platform from user order, intelligent production to user experience iteration and an Internet factory intelligent service cloud platform supported by remote artificial intelligence technology. In addition to realizing its own transformation, Haier cosmoplat is giving ecological empowerment from home appliance industry to automobile, ceramics, clothing and other industries, copying and forming 15 industry formats, and promoting them in more than 20 industries around the world.

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