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        Make Chengdu better

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        Make Chengdu better

        -To Mr. Zhao Lei, the lover and original author of Chengdu

        Chengdu is a rare pop song. You often hear someone sing or play it on the road. Then you can't help humming two sentences and exclaim that there hasn't been such a song for a long time since the snow in 2002, two butterflies and thousands of miles away.

        Chengdu is a song with a story, so it can lift your feelings, touch your heart somewhere, and the lyrics are catchy, "let me drop tears It's not only the wine of last night that has already touched people's hearts, "holding", "struggling", "holding" and "speculating". It seems that that that person is you, especially the sentence "memory is the sorrow of missing", which can be replaced by so many feelings and experiences. It's also the most touching and touching place of this song.

        The scene description of Chengdu makes it hard for you to extricate yourself:

        A: "How long are you going to walk on the rest of the road? What makes me feel embarrassed is the freedom of struggle." B: "walk with me on the streets of Chengdu. Oh... Until all the lights go out, you will hold my sleeve. I will put my hand in my trouser pocket and walk to the end of Yulin road Sit at the door of the pub. "I've heard and sung Chengdu many times. I think it will be better if I modify some places (purely personal feeling):

        1: "Parting always in September is the sorrow of missing" can be changed to: "parting always in wine is the sorrow of missing" the reason is:

        A: After the reform, there was a corresponding relationship between wine and sorrow. The ancients had "how can we solve the problem? Only Dukang" and "when we cut off the water, the water will flow more, and when we raise our glasses, we will be more worried".

        B: Echoing the words in front: "it's not only the wine last night that makes me cry", but also the parting sorrow that makes people cry

        C: The latter sentence "late autumn willows kiss my forehead", late autumn has indicated the time, so September here can be changed to "wine"

        D: "The separation is always in the wine" will become the second classic of this song.

        2: "The willow kisses my forehead in the late autumn" is changed to "the willow kisses my forehead in the late autumn cold rain"

        A: Late autumn means a bit cool. The word "cold rain" is used. Bai Juyi has "Han Gongdui, North stream, west end, cold rain, cool wind and autumn face"

        B: The ancients used to express their differences by "sending willows to each other". Li Bai said "in this Nocturne, who can't afford the feeling of hometown?" Nalan Xingde said that "it's hard to finish the decline of poplar leaves, and the cold rain blows the painting bridge." so we use "the cold rain blows the weeping willow".

        C: The whole sentence is more beautiful after the change.

        3: "I've never forgotten you in that rainy small city, and you are the only one Chengdu can't take away." it's the same feeling, but it should be repaired to be more accurate: "I've never forgotten you in that rainy city, Chengdu". Because Chengdu has a permanent population of 14.428 million, ranking fourth in the country, which is really a mega city. Interested friends can try to change their songs and exchange your feelings with me. On June 15-17, 2017, I will go to Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in Chengdu International Gas Technology and equipment exhibition. At booth A36, interested friends can feel together: "go to the end of Yulin Road Sitting at the door of the tavern "is a natural, beautiful, pleasant, moving and envious scene. But here's a reminder: the owner of the tavern at the end of Yulin road and his friends who use natural gas and liquefied gas at home, gas explosions happen every day. Pay attention to gas safety, and use Lingbao's intelligent combustible gas detector to automatically cut off the gas source when alarming, Four protections are provided for you: "SMS notification, phone reminder, platform monitoring, backup power supply". Through the interaction between app and detector, the valve can be opened or closed remotely, and the gas leakage can be really closed in the iron cage, so as to protect the unforgettable and sad love story and the friends who go to the Yulin road tavern.

        Wish Chengdu better and better!

        Author: Ping'an smart city R & D center of Shenzhen Lingbao Electronics Co., Ltd

        Li Yiwen: March 10, 2017

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